International cooperation

Laws on marketing are largely based on the same principles worldwide. Particularly within the European Union, much of the regulatory framework is the same

International cooperation

The Consumer Authority participates in many international forums to ensure a high level of consumer protection across national borders.

What is our role?

  • We handle cases in which foreign traders are in conflict with the Marketing Control Act when selling products to Norwegian consumers, and vice versa, in which Norwegian traders break the law when selling to foreign consumers.
  • We cooperate with consumer authorities in other countries to prepare joint statements and coordinate supervision.
  • We participate in permanent committees and networks at the Nordic, European, and global levels to coordinate supervision.
  • We give input on European legislation for consumer protection.

International forums we participate in:

  • EU/EEA:

    Norway cooperates with EU/EEA states regarding the enforcement of the common European regulations on consumer protection. This means that traders must follow the same rules across all of Europe.

  • ICPEN:

    The International Consumer Protection Enforcement Network (ICPEN) is an international network for consumer protection authorities across the whole world. In the network, authorities cooperate to protect consumers from illegal marketing.

  • Nordic cooperation

    The Nordic cooperation consists of two high-level meetings every year between the consumer authorities in Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Sweden and Norway. This cooperation has led to the development of several common Nordic positions on marketing in different channels. In addition, caseworkers meet regularly to conduct common Nordic enforcement projects.

  • OECD:

    The Consumer Authority also participates in the Committee on Consumer Policy (CCP) in the OECD and provides input to the OECD’s recommendations for consumer policy.


Did you know?

  • More than 60 countries are members of ICPEN.